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Here you can see the last 9 editions of the Mental Health newsletter supported by VoiceAbility and one from when it was supported by Camden Council

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Conference on violence and agression

VoiceAbility secured some free tickets to a conference called “Violence and aggression: short-term management of violent and physically threatening behaviour among adults, children and young people with a mental health problem” which happened yesterday.

Violence and agression

Here is Dean (volunteer Peer Mentor)’s account of the day:

“I attended a conference today around violence on secure wards and how best to manage these incidents. we heard from a wide variety of speakers who shared their experiences and how they feel they are best addressed. there was also a solicitor who spoke on the legal aspects of patient restraint which was very interesting and gave some food for thought.

I feel I have benefited greatly from this experience. I learned a lot about different ways they debrief the staff and patients after an incident and they gave lots of examples of deescalating a situation that could turn violent.

There were speakers from Rampton and Ashworth hospitals and there were lots of different people to network with. If this conference is run in the future, I would recommend anyone that does peer support or have any contact in the mental health profession should attend.”

Regards Dean @ VoiceAbility

VoiceAbility CEO Jonathan Senker: On TV

JS speaking

In July 2013, Advocacy service providers appeared before the House of Lords Committee charged with investigating the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Jonathan Senker (Chief Executive Officer of VoiceAbility) was among those who spoke about their experiences of representing vulnerable people.

Service users have expressed an interest recently, you can find the full video here: