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Wogetting-better-issue-7-front-pagemen’s edition with interviews & articles by/with Angela Mcnab, Allegra Lynch, Frances Hasler, Marjorie Wallace, Ruth Appleton & Bala Patel. Plus an article by CBUG lead Romano Cesare, newsletter editor Christopher Mason, information about Camden carers, charities that run holidays and more!

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Don’t scrap the night time mental health service at Royal Free hospital, Camden!

This winter the Royal Free is not providing night-time cover for the mental health liaison service between 9pm and 8am, which it has provided over the last 2 years. This will have devastating effects for some of the most vulnerable people in London over Christmas.

You can find more information about the closure in this letter from Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust:


Please sign the Service User Alliance (SUA) petition on 38Degrees to help us try to get the service back:

Art exhibition preview this Friday, St. Pancras!

There is a new art exhibition preview this Friday 4th November from 5.30-8.30pm in The Conference Centre Gallery, St. Pancras Hospital, 4 St. Pancras Way, NW1 0PE.

Some of the artists made their pieces whilst inpatients on the wards. There will be live music from Key Changes including songs from Nicci Gladwin so don’t miss out!

The exhibition will then run from Monday 7th November until Thursday 19th November, Mon-Fri, 9-5pm. For more info please contact The Arts Project Curator Manager: Peter Herbert on 0207 916 8416 or:


BBC: Police threaten legal action over lack of mental health beds

A chief constable has vowed to stop “unlawfully” holding people with a mental illness in police cells because the NHS has no beds for them.

Shaun Sawyer, chief constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, wrote to Devon Partnership NHS Trust to say it would be held to account in future.

The letter, leaked to the Express and Echo, says legal action may be taken if the situation is not resolved.

The trust said it was disappointed, but accepted more needed to be done.

Mr Sawyer said while it was “unedifying” to sue a public body, he would do so if necessary.

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Bedlam: The asylum & beyond


Follow the rise and fall of the mental asylum and explore how it has shaped the complex landscape of mental health today. Reimagine the institution, informed by the experiences of the patients, doctors, artists and reformers who inhabited the asylum or created alternatives to it.

Today asylums have largely been consigned to history but mental illness is more prevalent than ever, as our culture teems with therapeutic possibilities: from prescription medications and clinical treatment to complementary medicines, online support, and spiritual and creative practices. Against this background, the exhibition interrogates the original ideal that the asylum represented – a place of refuge, sanctuary and care – and asks whether and how it could be reclaimed.

Taking Bethlem Royal Hospital as a starting point, ‘Bedlam: the asylum and beyond’ juxtaposes historical material and medical records with individual testimonies and works by artists such as David Beales, Richard Dadd, Dora García, Eva Kotátková, Madlove: A Designer Asylum, Shana Moulton, Erica Scourti, Javier Téllez and Adolf Wölfli, whose works reflect or reimagine the institution, as both a physical and a virtual space.

For more information please visit the Wellcome collection website here: